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bookaddiction's Journal

Book Addicts Anonymous
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Discussion and fun for serious book lovers
About This Community

This is a place for serious book lovers to meet in mutual support and book fandom. It is not for the casual bookworm. We will not be asking you to list your favorite book or favorite 20 books. We know better.

Come post your book-related memes, news, questions, stories, and so on!

(No reading lists, please-- plenty of communities already exist for those. Please also limit book review posts to your very favorite books, not everything you read!)

Are You a Book Addict?

Did you read under the covers as a child, and under the desk at school?

Did your parents have to tell you to stop reading and go play outside for a change?

When you did go outside, did you bring a book with you?

Have you run out of places to keep the books you own?

Do the local librarians come to you when they have a question?

Do you pack more books than socks when you travel?

If so, you're already a member and just don't know it yet. We're happy to meet you.

- Discussion topics and memes may be posted by mods or members. Please tag these entries "question". Feel free to add any other tags you can think of to make the post easier to identify.

- If you think your response to a meme or question may generate lengthy discussion, please make it a separate post so that other members can find it without having to get lost in a maze of comments.

- If you're new here: go look through the entries tagged "question" and choose some to answer! If they are more than a few posts ago, please answer them in a new post. Please let us know which one you are answering, too.

- If you'd like to introduce yourself, you're welcome to make a post in this format!

The Standard Qualifiers

- This community may contain adult content and language. We do not believe in censorship here. I don't list the community as "adult concepts" because 1) it limits membership to so-called adults and 2) both "adult concepts" and "adults" are pretty arbitrary designations, in my mind. You have been warned.

- That being said, anyone who fails to respect the standard rules of civility and tolerance towards others will be asked to leave. No spam, trolls, snark, or solicitors, please.