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Jul. 12th, 2012 @ 12:34 pm Favorite childhood book
Hi all! Anybody still in here?

I recently saw a list of 'book questions', and thought that they might stimulate some conversation. There are 55 questions on the list; if I post one a week they will keep us going for a little over a year. What do you all think?

The first question is:

What was your favorite childhood book?

Mine was 'Carbonel, King of the Cats' by Barbara Sleigh, which apparently few people have heard of. It is finally back in print, but alas is out of my current price range. I'm hoping that it (and the two sequels) will come out for Kindle or in paperback.

I loved it because an ordinary girl was able to use magic, and hey, anything with a talking cat was a hit with me- okay, still is.
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